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  • Dr. Antonios Antoniou began with the private office of family dentist in March 1995 in the city of Larnaca. Later, in February 2011, due to business growth, the company moved into its new, built to order, modern building in the center of Larnaca. Simultaneously the Dental Center was renamed The Smile Professionals.

    The Smile Professionals aims to provide affordable dental care of the highest quality for the whole family.

    The friendly, helpful, efficient staff of dental clinics - are graduates of the best medical educational institutions of America, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Lithuania. The dental clinic's employees are fluent in several languages, including Russian.

    The Smile Professionals staff will ensure that a visit to the dental clinic will be a pleasant experience, and enable you an attractive smile.

Dr. A Antoniou


  • The dental clinic The Smile Professionals offers a wide range of dental services for the whole family:

General Dentistry:
- Inspection
- Consultation
- Filling
- Root Canal Treatment
- Tooth Extraction
- Crowns and Bridges
- Prostheses
- Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral Hygiene
Dental Tourism

The Smile Professionals


  • The dental clinic The Smile Professionals in Larnaca offers a full range of dental services for you and your family.

    In The Smile Professionals you will always find time to discuss all treatment options available to you. Employees of the dental clinic will also provide a written calculation of the cost of your treatment.

    If you have any doubts about the health of the oral cavity or variants of treatment, here you will find the qualified help.

The Smile Professionals
The Smile Professionals


Most patients undergo regular examinations for the health and optimal oral health. Since all of the individual patient, the dentist adapt the frequency of inspections under everyone's needs. However, the average should be examined not less than once every six months.

Regular check-ups can detect and prevent the problems of the oral cavity, thereby reducing the time spent in the dental center, and the cost of treatment.

Each survey also includes checking on all the possible diseases of the oral cavity, including oral cancer. In this case, The Smile Professionals do not charge a fee for the inspection.

X-ray pictures, if necessary, make a right at the time of inspection. And depending on the selected treatment option, dentists can immediately proceed to further work.

The Smile Professionals


  • If you do not require a long course of treatment, our doctors will examine your X-rays and together you will discuss treatment options. The written assessment of all options attached.

    Remember that children under 18 years must be accompanied by consultations of parents or guardians.


The dental clinic The Smile Professionals does not use fillings based on mercury - metal and silver. The dental clinic uses filling materials in white, imitating the natural look of the teeth.

The Smile Professionals


The Smile Professional dentists work in close collaboration with other dentists to improve health and hygiene to maintain the patient's mouth.

Daily oral hygiene to prevent the onset and progression of gum disease. A regular cleaning of the teeth and interproximal cleaning (interdental) prevent the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria.

The Smile Professionals recommends visiting hygienist not less than 1 time in half a year, because early detection of gum disease may reduce the risk of progression. However, patients at high risk of dental disease, it is desirable to visit the dental hygienist often.

The Smile Professionals


The Smile Professional dental clinic offers a range of activities for patients who want to combine rest and dental treatment. Clinic Office adheres to the American and British standards in all areas of activity. Thus, the Dental Center ensures that you get a first class service and high quality treatment.

The dental clinic can arrange a flight, a free meeting at the airport, accommodation, transfers and tours at competitive prices. For your convenience, the company will provide you with a local mobile phone so that you can contact the Dental Center at any time.

Before I give a precise calculation of cost of treatment, the clinic will require your panoramic X-ray images and a complete medical history, including allergies and medications taken (by e-mail).

The Smile Professionals


  • The Smile Professionals: Dental Clinic in Larnaca

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    Website: www.thesmileprofessionals.com

    Zakynthou Ave. & Corner of Archbishop Kyprianou Ave, 6018, Larnaca, Cyprus

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